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Hey There!

Glad you found me.

I’m Amanda Cherry, and I write books about magic ladies who aren’t always all that nice. You’re probably here because you saw my book in Times Square. Which is amazing.

The book on the Billboard is called TIME & AGAIN and it’s out as of Tuesday, February 13th From DefCon One publishing, a small press out of Seattle, WA. You can get it anywhere books are sold, most easily through:


Apple Books

Barnes & Noble



Or by requesting it at your local library.

TIME & AGAIN is the sequel to my 2018 debut, RITES & DESIRES and references the events of the two FEMMES FATALE books I co-wrote with Erik Scott de Bie but you don’t need familiarity with the older stories or the shared world to understand and enjoy this book.

Thank you so much for being here. Come find me on social media @MandaTheGinger on TikTok and the eX-twitter and let me know you were here. In the meantime, here’s the teaser and more of that gorgeous cover from multi Hugo Award winning artist Lee Moyer.

As far as Ruby Killingsworth is concerned, life could not possibly get any better. She is the wealthiest and most influential she’s ever been. Her entertainment empire continues to grow and thrive, her personal life is uncomplicated and fulfilling, and she continues to explore the unequaled magic she’s been granted access to.

In Ruby’s world, magic and money can solve just about any problem.

But when an email from the future arrives in her inbox—one that threatens her entire business and especially the career of one up-and-coming rock star—she finds neither of her usual solutions adequate to the task. She’ll need help getting to the bottom of this, and there’s only one person she knows who’s qualified to take on an adversary as esoteric as a possible time traveler.

The problem? That person is Jaccob “Stardust” Stevens, Cobalt City’s pre-eminent superhero, world-leading tech genius, and professional Good Guy, who also happens to be Ruby’s next-door neighbor and former flame.

With the help of a team of young heroes led by the legendary Kara Sparx, Jaccob and Ruby must find a way to work together to find the time travelers and stop them before they destroy everything Ruby has worked so hard to build.

And maybe, in time, they might just find each other again.