The Ginger Villain

villains are people too

Cobalt City

Cobalt City is home to heroes and villains. Originally born twenty years ago as a game setting envisioned by author Nathan Crowder, the universe has since expanded to include several anthologies as well as novels by an assortment of authors. Together, the Cobalt City creators work to craft a rich, believable, exciting world of stories.

Amanda’s debut novel, Rites & Desires, hit bookshelves in 2018 courtesy of DefCon One Publishing. The sequel, Time & Again, released in 2024.

In a crossover of epic proportions, the Cobalt City gang meets up with the stars of the Justice/Vengeance universe in Femmes Fatale and Bad Intentions, co-authored by Amanda Cherry and Erik Scott deBie.

And if that’s not enough ginger villain for you, check out Ruby’s appearances in Cobalt City Christmas: Christmas Harder and Cobalt City: Dragonstorm!

And enjoy other works in the Cobalt City universe (and others!) by:

Nathan Crowder 

Jeremy Zimmerman

Dawn Vogel

Erik Scott de Bie

Minerva Zimmerman

Rosemary Jones