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It’s been a year

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And I mean that both literally and figuratively. It’s been over a year since I’ve updated my website, which is not a thing I intended to happen, but here we are. RITES & DESIRES is still out in the world, doing its thing, selling steadily, and making me proud. News of my second book is […]

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Bustin’ Out All Over

That’s right, y’all, it’s June. This year is doing that thing where it totally flies by! And I wanted to let you know where you might be able to find me in this delightfully sunny month. First: June 15th I will be participating in the Gaming With Authors event at Zulu’s Games in Bothell. Some […]

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So many updates!

Hey there in internet land! Increasing success in this business makes for an increasingly demanding schedule, and although I’m grateful for these rad opportunities, it takes some getting used to. One of the things that I’m still working on (y’all know this) is remembering to post things here. But I have some updates! Good things […]

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Coming in 2019!

It’s convention season and I have a few coming up! Come check out my panels and signings this spring and summer:   Emerald City Comic Con; March 14-17 at the Washington State Convention Center. I’ll be appearing on two panels on Saturday and signing in between. Star Wars Celebration, Chicago; April 11-15 at McCormick Place. […]

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Big News!

Hello blog readers, I should apologize for not writing here more often, but I’ve been busy! And I have awesome news to show for it. This January, I was offered and accepted representation by the indomitable Claire Draper at Inkwell Management.  She’s a fantastic lady and I am so happy to have her on my […]

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Come Watch a Movie I Wrote– in a Cinema!

This year I was once again part of the 48 Hour Horror film festival here in Seattle. I was back with the award-winning Pulled Prok team and we had an amazing time on set. This year I was promoted to lead writer and co-director of our film: UNINVITED.  The film’s premiere screening will be held […]

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Come See Me!

I have some awesome convention appearances coming up and am not going to fall down on letting folks know where to find me! NEXT WEEK: October 23-24 I will be at Geek Girl Con in Seattle. PANELS: Saturday 3:00 PM- Creative and Chronic life. An amazing group of women living with chronic illnesses/invisible disabilities talk […]

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New Story Today!

Hello all! I am pleased to announce that I was chosen to be part of author Jolene Haley‘s annual October showcase. This year’s theme is “Beware The Dark Seas Rising” and is all about the creepy and terrifying aspects of the ocean. My story, Some Things The Sea Should Keep, won second place in its […]

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So Much Conventioning! (and the time the blog went down…oops!)

HELLO AGAIN! Sorry I have been the bog failer-to-blog, but we recently experienced a teeny tiny hiccup over here. The blog disappeared. It vanished. The whole everything on the website just went bye-bye. You may not have noticed, because there was something cool happening with cached data and other internet-y things I should probably find […]

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My First #PitchWars

I have been oddly fortunate in my writing career so far. Oddly. Fortunate. I sold the very first piece of short fiction I ever submitted. And the next two. I got the first staff writing job I ever applied for. My first book was published by a small press, but it was accepted on a […]

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