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My First Review!

The time in an author’s life when ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of a book are in the wild, but no feedback has yet to materialize is (as it turns out) a very, very stressful time in an author’s life. It’s stressful to know your book is being read, but not anything about how it’s being received. So I was thrilled yesterday when the first of the prereaders, Erin Neal — writer, blogger, media consultant, and all-around lovely human being– posted the first-ever review of Rites & Desires over on her blog.

I am thrilled to report the review is a positive one. It came across my notifications while I was out shopping yesterday, and I may have cried a little in the middle of the mall.

If you want to know what can make me burst into tears while shopping for porg jewelry in Hot Topic, you can read it HERE! 

I will post additional reviews as they come in. This is an exciting build-up and I am beside myself.

If you’re interested in posting a review on your own blog, please use the contact form on the site and I will see what I can do about getting you a review copy ASAP!


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