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I first heard about the Note To Self project on Twitter. It’s a series of interviews with happy, successful adult women geared toward inspiring teen girls. The women are interviewed about what their lives and world were like when they were fifteen, lessons learned from that time in their lives, and the joys of their lives in the present.

I am honored and privileged to add my voice to this proud army of women.

As a teenager, I was told from every angle that I needed to dial back my ambition– that I would never be an actress or an author. But here I am. And if there’s a teen girl out there right now hearing from parents, teachers, and peers that she’ll never be enough to make her dreams come true (“you need something to fall back on”, “you can always do that for fun, but you’ll need a real job to support yourself”) who needs to hear that it CAN happen and that it DOES happen, I hope she finds me.

Have a look at my interview HERE

And you can find the collection at

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