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What a Whirlwind

Anyone who checks into this blog with any regularity can see I’ve been noticeably absent for weeks. I’ve been too busy!

Ok. March.

The month of my book launch definitely came in like a lion! I spent the first weekend of the month at Emerald City Comic Con representing Tosche Station in the press corps and on the Universe of Star Wars panel. I spent some time in the Writer’s Block, became an unapologetic Annalee Newitz fangirl, and learned a lot about how busy an author can be at a con (VERY!). I got to hang out with some of my very favorite writer people and made some cool new friends. I’m not going to list all these people by name because many of them are famous, and it would sound like a different kind of bragging than “I now know some people I really, really like!”.

Then, I was invited by the convention to host the stage for BB-8 Lead Puppeteer Brian Herring. It was a wonderful experience, I definitely made a new friend, and I will gladly host for Emerald City or any ReedPop convention that invites me, because they were just wonderful to me and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The book launched on the 20th of with a party at the University Bookstore in Seattle. They are a wonderful, independent bookstore and right now the only brick and mortar place to purchase RITES & DESIRES (all their current copies are signed, btw). If you’re in the Seattle area, definitely check them out for titles by local authors and all your book reading (and writing– I have an author friend who buys all her pens there) needs. If you have a local store in your area and would like to see RITES & DESIRES on the shelf, put me in touch with them!

I was also pleased and humbled by the generous and delightful reviews the first few days after launch birthed. I am so thankful to authors Erik Scott De Bie and Nathan Crowder, both of whom have written in the Cobalt City Universe, for their kind words about my debut. You can see further reviews (from actual people who have paid actual money for the book!) on Amazon and Goodreads.

I also had the privilege to appear on some fantastic blogs, doing author interviews and guest posts, including Queer Sci Fi, and Dawn Vogel (History that Never Was).  More author interviews are already in the pipeline and I promise to update when they appear. Promise.

The Thursday after launch, I was honored to participate in an all Cobalt City reading party at Friday Afternoon Tea in Seattle. It’s a lovely, geeky, wonderful place and I will be back. That night I got to hear some of the upcoming work from my fellow Cobalt City authors– I’m not sure which I’m the most excited about, but I am definitely excited.

I spent last weekend at Norwescon, where I was invited to join panels on pop culture and Star Wars (no one is surprised). I had a blast, I sold some books, spent some time with some people I adore, finally got to meet Trish Heinrich in person. It was an incredible experience.

While at Norwescon, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had made it to the next round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge for 2018. My story The Apprentice came in second in my heat and I spent the weekend crafting my second-round story (2000 words, 48 hours). Some Things The Sea Should Keep was turned in early, and results will post in May.

Also in May I will get to announce the REDACTED project you have likely heard me talking about on Twitter. It’s a cool thing, a project that gets me excited, and a credential that will serve me brilliantly as I continue my career as an IP writer.

I think that’s it for the moment.

It’s been a heck of a ride, and I’m thrilled to be on it.

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