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So Much Conventioning! (and the time the blog went down…oops!)


Sorry I have been the bog failer-to-blog, but we recently experienced a teeny tiny hiccup over here. The blog disappeared. It vanished. The whole everything on the website just went bye-bye.

You may not have noticed, because there was something cool happening with cached data and other internet-y things I should probably find out about, but there was definitely nothing here for a period. The good news? My awesome web guy (who I also happen to be married to- hi honey!) had the whole thing pretty well restored within 24 hours of our finding out it was gonesville.

And now we’re back!

In the time when I was without a website and then a login (internetting is not my forte), I got some convention news. I will share it with you now!

GEEK GIRL CON: October 27-28 in Seattle

I am sitting on four panels over the course of the two-day convention and will post the schedule shortly. Def Con One Publishing will have a table in the dealers room and I will also have a few dedicated signing times. Come get a signed copy of RITES & DESIRES and maybe take a selfie!

JET CITY COMIC SHOW: November 3 in Tacoma

I am attending this show at the behest of my pal Seanan and will basically be hanging with her doing cool, fun things all day. Come and find me and say hi! If you have anything you’d like me to sign, I’m always happy to.

ROSE CITY COMIC CON: September 7-9 in Portland

What’s that, you say? That’s in the past and you lack a TARDIS therefore can not come find and hang with me at the con? Yes, I am sadly aware. But I wanted to mention it, because I had a blast– even though it happened the very weekend there was no website to talk about it on. I was there as a pro, which was a neat, new experience for me, and I had a great time seeing my fellow PNW nerds like Caitlin Starling (her book is very scary and available for pre-order) and meeting new and interesting people like the folks from Not A Pipe Publishing and the awesomesauce that is JordanDeane/The Sartorial Geek.


I’m also gearing up for another fun screenwriting gig for the Seattle 48 hour Horror Film Festival with Team Pulled Prok. I have worked with these talented folks before (although the team has expanded since I was last around, I am excited to meet the new players). I love these quick-fire challenges– they always make me think hard and get the creative juices flowing. I’ll let it be known when the film is screening!

That’s it for today, but be assured I’ll be back more often now that we’re al up and running again.


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