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Come See Me!

I have some awesome convention appearances coming up and am not going to fall down on letting folks know where to find me!

NEXT WEEK: October 23-24 I will be at Geek Girl Con in Seattle. PANELS:

Saturday 3:00 PM- Creative and Chronic life. An amazing group of women living with chronic illnesses/invisible disabilities talk about the joys & sorrows of making a living in a creative career.

Sunday 10:00 AM- Breaking Stereotypes with Star Wars. This panel will take a close look at age and representation through the lens of one of the world’s largest and most popular franchises. Want to hear me wax poetic about how one of the greatest things Princess Leia ever did was to get old in front of us? This is your chance.

Sunday 1:00 PM- Fic is not a four-letter word. Join me and NYT Bestselling author (and one of my favorite people) Seanan McGuire for a celebration of the art and value of transformative fandom. Fan fiction gave me my start as an author, but is still sometimes looked upon as a lesser form of expression– even a shameful one. Come listen to a couple of fanfic mavens with published books tell you why that’s not cool.

Sunday 4:00 PM- Moms who geek. This panel is filled to brimming with women who didn’t let their choice to bring a tiny human into their world effect their relationship to the geeky things we loved all along. Hear us talk about sharing fandom with littles and what it’s like to have a hobby and a kid at the same time.


When I’m not on stage, I will mostly be hanging around the Def Con One Publishing table. I’ll have plenty of books for sale and am happy to sign anything. Come say hello and get your hands on a book!

Geek Girl Con was a favorite last year– even though my book wasn’t available for sale yet. I am so thrilled to be heading back, sitting on amazing panels, and getting to put my book in the hands of the GGC audience. I love this con and I hope to see you there!!

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