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2021 Eligibility for *Things*

The tooting of my own horn is a thing that doesn’t come to me easily, but I have been asked, so here I am.

I had many things published in 2021, some of which are eligible for awards, and others of which make me eligible for awards. I’m basing my information on the Hugo eligibility information, although I know there are other awards to which this information applies. I am the absolute opposite of an expert on book, writing, and authorial awards, so I’m sure there are things I am missing/ misunderstanding. But I know a few things, and here they are.

First: I had a book come out in 2021. The Dragon Stone Conspiracy is eligible for Best Novel and, as a media tie-in, will be eligible for some award systems’ tie-in and/or IP categories. This book also makes me eligible for the ASTOUNDING award– a nomination I would truly cherish because very few authors over 40 are acknowledged as new/up-and-coming even when we are!

Second: I had two short stories out this year. The first, Signed, appeared in the Queer Sci-Fi anthology Ink. And the second, Facing the Music, in Cobalt City, Dragonstorm. Both are eligible in the Short Story category.

And finally, because much of my work appears in publications that pay less than what’s considered a “pro” rate, I am also eligible in the Best Fan Writer category– which is another place I would be beyond honored to make the long list. In the ever-shifting balance between love and money, I am often one to let love win. I understand that it’s my enormous privilege to be able and available to take on lower-paying projects and am thrilled to be in a position to help smaller markets and smaller publishers thrive. I have also loved the work I’ve done in fandom spaces including fan sites, fan zines (including the Hugo-nominated Journey Planet !), and fan-run podcasts. I hope to continue to do work for these passionate creators for years to come. For those reasons, consideration in this category would be very much appreciated.

If you’re in the position to nominate me, or my work, during the upcoming awards season, and wish to read some or all of my 2021 publications free of charge, please reach out to me via email: Author at TheGingerVillain dot com and I will provide you with the requested materials.

Thank you so much for reading and for your involvement in the Science Fiction and Fantasy community.

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