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Once Upon a Time (in 2022, far too late in the game) I was made aware of the fact I don’t have a proper post pointing people to how & where they can buy the things I’ve written. That’s weird and probably hurting sales.


So: in the spirit of having such a thing, here are my major publications that are available FOR SALE complete with links.

First up: You’re probably here for the FEMMES FATALE books:

FEMMES FATALE is what happens when a couple of wicked ladies with incredible power and an ex in common figure out they’re far better together than either one of them ever was with anyone else. It’s an enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers demon slaying sapphic romantasy. BAD INTENTIONS continues the story of these two unlikely lovers as they navigate revenge and forgiveness… sort of.

Rites & Desires (Ruby Killingsworth Book 1) by [Amanda Cherry]
RITES & DESIRES is the story of a billionaire supervillain who’s lost her magic powers and will stop at nothing to get them back. Sequel coming in 2024!

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore through the magic of BOOKSHOP

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THE DRAGON STONE CONSPIRACY is the story of an accidental immortal who must venture into war torn Germany to save the world’s magic from falling under the control of a Nazi cult.

Also available through either AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, or local book sellers via BOOKSHOP

My story, FACING THE MUSIC, is the lead piece in COBALT CITY: DRAGONSTORM– a wild ride through a Dragon invasion.

Available on AMAZON Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop

I’ve also had fiction published in multiple issues of MAD SCIENTIST JOURNAL and in COBALT CITY CHRISTMAS: CHRISTMAS HARDER as well as the Queer Sci-Fi Anthologies INK and RISE

Thanks for stopping by! I will continue to update this post as new things release.

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