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I am so super excited to officially announce that I am going to be part of ChiCon’s Virtual Programming this year. It’s a huge honor to be included in this amazing lineup and I am thrilled at the topics I’m going to be speaking on.

If you have a Worldcon membership, I’d love to see you at any or all of the following panels!


4:00PM CDT/2:00PM PDT: Making Role-Playing Games Welcoming to New Players. I’ll be moderating this session talking about welcoming new-to-system and new-to-gaming-altogether friends to the table. We’ll talk dos and don’ts and best practices and how to make the learning curve more enjoyable than intimidating. This session should be suitable for all ages.

6:30PM CDT/4:30PDT: READING! I am so excited to be reading, for the first time, from FEMMES FATALE– the bisexual disaster/pansexual disaster sapphic enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers demon slaying romance that I cowrote with Erik Scott DeBie and will be hitting shelves this November. FEMMES FATALE is adult fiction, but the reading will be suitable for teens and adults.


4:00PM CDT/2:00PM PDT: Let’s Talk About Consent, Baby. I’ll be moderating this frank and open conversation about consent in fiction– both sexual and otherwise. The discussion will include the dynamics of expressing consent in the face of a power imbalance, what constitutes enthusiastic consent, and how to create environments where it’s safe to say no. This is sure to be a thoughtful and insightful conversation, appropriate for older teens and adults.


8:30PM CDT/6:30PM PDT: From Fandom Writer to Trade Publishing Author. This super-fun session will be all about the journey from fan to pro. We’ll share stories, tips and tricks, joys and sorrows of living the transition from writing for fun to writing for a living. This panel should be suitable for teens and adults.


11:30AM CDT/9:30AM PDT: The Magic of Music Within Musical Theater. This fun and fanciful panel will explore the use of music as a storytelling tool and celebrate its best and most significant uses, specifically in the space of staged speculative fiction. Fans of RHPS, Mary Poppins, Wicked, and so forth should enjoy spending the morning with us. I cannot promise you I won’t sing. Suitable for all ages!


10:00AM CDT/8:00AM PDT: Table Talk! Yes, it’s me, earlier than I am normally awake, entertaining a whole virtual table of strangers! Bring your morning beverage of choice, show up in your pajamas (or not, but I probably will) and chat with me about literally anything! I’m happy to answer pitching questions, do what I can to demystify publishing for aspiring authors, talk about sailing, scream about our favorite Hugo winners, or geek out with you over Star Wars, Star Trek, Shadowrun, or Deadliest Catch (yes, really!). Signups for table talks open up August 30 at noon CDT/10:AM PDT and are accessed via THIS FORM. Please don’t leave me all alone in an Airmeet room at 8 in the morning. Please. All ages welcome but I may swear, because morning.

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